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  • Invalid Character Syntax Error

    What is Invalid Error Syntax Error. It prevented a posting....

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    We are having issues with the database at our current web host. This is resulting in weird errors like you have seen. As you have probably also seen, it doesn't actually prevent your post from going through, so if you try multiple times, you end up with multiple posts.

    Also, read the notice at near the top of the home page about Missing Threads.
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      Thanks Kyler.

      I also had a problem with Flickr account. They had made some changes that prevented me from uploading - that part is fixed now.


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        Ok so I started my first thread on this site (I think it was) and got a similar not so self-explanatory error. After trying a few times to post unsuccessfully (so I thought) I went to see if there was a help section here and found this. Since it said it doesn't actually prevent it from posting I checked my recent posts and surely enough it posted my new thread like 3 or 4 times pretty glitchy software eh? Can someone delete my multiple entries and perhaps bring the post to the first page?

        Edited to add: I even got the error posting the above. It said "Error while saving content: SyntaxError: Unexpected token I" I had to reload the page to see that it actually went through.
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          You can delete your own cloned posts. Each one of your posts has a checkmark box in the upper right corner. Checkmark the undesired posts. Scroll to the top of the thread and you'll see an icon next to "Filter". It's a menu that allows you to, among other things, delete selected posts.

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