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Killburn Slide 01-21-18

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  • Killburn Slide 01-21-18

    A couple of weeks ago Claudia bought a new pair of Grivel G12s to match her boots and she was interested in trying them out. We don't usually hike together on Sunday but we worked out a plan that involved an early stop-off at St Agnes RCC in LP before heading to the mountain. It was our good fortune to find a skier had traveled where we were going making our trail breaking that much easier.

    At the start there's a small waterfall to climb then after that we work our way up the brook to the slide. On the slide we took a conservative line, starting up a stair stepped ascent at the biggest obstacle. We took the same climb in the early summer this year. At the second scramble Claudia took a harder line while I scoped out the descent. At the finish we veered to the left where we saw a more gentle climb to near the top. We were not looking for too much exposure for our first climb of the season. From the top we worked up around the steep headwall then found our way down going all the way to the base in our crampons. From there the change to the snowshoes to finish the day.

    Pictures here -


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    I always have fun looking at your pics. Nice set as usual. Kilburn's such a classic.
    May your ambition for the goal allow you to be a student of the journey.