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Cascade Slide (7/29)

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  • Cascade Slide (7/29)

    My climbing partner Dan and I had to adjust our plans from climbing the Saddleback Slide due to parking issues. The Garden was filled up by 06:00 yesterday, and neither of relished the idea of adding an extra four mile hike to the day. We opted to try the Cascade Slide instead, we weren't disappointed.
    Plenty of rock scrambles, and awesome scenery. Though some of the rock scrambles were a little hairy due to wet or loose rocks. I tried going up on the left side of the falls staying far enough away from the wet rocks by the waterfall, but the route was plagued with loose rock and no solid holds. I found myself down climbing on the first waterfall. That's not fun when you're 30 feet up and can't see where you're placing your foot below you. Needless to say, I made it down far enough to be able to scoot across and join Dan in the woods.
    It was still steep with questionable footing even in the woodline. We tried a few different routes before settling on one that joined a faint trail higher up that led us back over to the slide. Then the fun began, more rock scrambles and great views. Progress went pretty quickly from there.
    We approached the headwall, but it was wet and our shoes were caked with dirt and mud. I made a couple of short attempts going up a dry spot on the headwall, but decided it wasn't worth the risk and bailed on it. We ducked into the woods climber right of the headwalls and found a faint trail that led to the summit of Cascade. The Summit Steward greeted us immediately since we were coming up from the closed area. She had her work cut out for her yesterday, it was a typical day up on the summit of Cascade with hoards of people coming up the standard route. Great day to be playing in the mountains again!

    And a few pics...(not sure why they all turned sideways on me??)

    46/46 - #9464
    7/46 "W"
    NE115 - 53/115