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Which slide near Dix?

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  • Which slide near Dix?

    I'm going to be in the Dix range this week (the loop from elk lake).  Which of the slides would you suggest (other than Macomb)?  From what I read here , the lobster claw/beckjorn slide is easy, and the buttress is not.  Guess I'm looking for something in between, which does not require ropes or climbing shoes, butnisba good hard scramble.

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    I see you already asked this on Mudrat's facebook group site. He has a pretty complete list of slides and I use it for reference.

    Having done all three of the slides you cite I wouldn't rate any as easy. The SW Butress I'd rate as scary. Though I do appreciate that ranking is relative to experience, ability, and gear (and maybe other factors). And none are directly on your route.

    I can point out. On Macomb you can climb on climbers left and go up several sections of slab as opposed to till. Well it's not continuous but last time through that's how I went up and it was fun.

    And there are a couple of slides that are convenient to the Slide Brook path to Macomb on the opposite side of Slide Brook that have lower angle sections.

    Hope this helps.