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Airplane Slide on Wright?

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  • Airplane Slide on Wright?

    Has anyone done this slide recently? I did it years ago (2009 I think) and I can't seem to find any recent (and by recent I mean post Irene) information on the climb.
    I get the sense that this slide isn't climbed all that often due to the longer, more confusing bushwhack required to get to it. I'm thinking of heading up there this weekend with a few friends to check it out again.

    It looks from google Earth as though the brook that runs up between Wright and Algonquin has opened up significantly since Irene.

    Anyway, I'm not looking for a "recent conditions" report, I presume it will be wet or dry without snow... I'm just wondering if anyone has done this in a while, or if its easier/harder to navigate now.

    Any information is appreciated!

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    I've done it several times post-Irene. Each time I did it this way: I went to the Kagel Lean-to, crossed the brook and bushwhacked to the next brook. I followed that brook for 20-30 minutes until it intersected the slide that occurred during Irene which came down the stream valley between Wright and Algonquin. I follow that brook/slide for quite a while until locating a cairn/herd path which came in from the right as I was ascending. This turn was not too far beyond a small, older slide that's on the left and perched just above the slide/brook I was climbing. I followed that herd path/small brook until it split about 10 minutes or so in. At that point I hiked for 5 minutes or so until reaching the base of the Airplane Slide.


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      I'll echo what h96s99 said. I did it back in August of 2013, here's my TR:

      It's a great way to do Wright, enjoy it! The extended slide coming down from Algonquin is a neat feature, lots of cool mini-canyons and some unique views.


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        Thanks for the help guys! I think I'm going to give this a go this weekend if the weather forecast holds good!


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          The former descriptions are good. I would just say it got a lot easier to reach the slide since Irene because it cleared out the brook beds -- except for that huge pile of lumber where the trees from the new Algonquin slide piled up.