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  • Trap Dike and Irene Slide...

    Climbed up Friday, 6-5-2015. Left Loj at 4:30pm 50/50 chance of rain. At the base of the dike, I made the decision to "go for it" before the rain set in. Started sprinkling halfway up the Irene slide. Got to the top of Colden at sun down with the fog and rain settling in very thick. Hiked down the Lake Arnold trail in the dark! Cut trip short because all of my gear got soaked.
    Was an incredible trip. Thank you MudRat for the private messages, helping me plan my trip.

    Question? How does the Trap Dike and the Irene slide compare with other slides mentioned on this forum. I have hiked many summits. Solo, weather, and nightfall don't bother me. I think this trip gives me a good indication of my abilities and was curious about the next big adventure...

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    If the destination is the goal, the long approaches get old. When I stop to smell the flowers, watch the birds, take in the experience, I can enjoy the entire walk in the woods. Even when the weather's not the best.


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      For me, the long approaches only seem long at the end.
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